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If you would like DWT to rebuild your top loader you are most welcome to drop off and pick up your transmission at our shop. We are located on main street, in downtown Franklin, North Carolina (Highway 441 business). This is the main highway between Atlanta, Georgia, Asheville, North Carolina and Knoxville, Tennessee. If you would prefer to ship your transmission to us, no problem. You might want to shop for a rate with FED EX, UPS, trucking companies, etc. We use UPS for all transmissions shipped to the lower 48 states.

To ship your transmission, you will need to do a few simple things: Be sure to remove the mount, shifter, shifter plate, and the bell housing. Do Not Send these with the transmission. Always remove the drain and fill plugs and drain out all of the 90w gear lube and wire the drain and fill plugs to the transmission. If there is no drain plug (1970 and newer transmissions), then remove the top cover or drain the gear lube out the back of the tail housing. The most common problem that we see when customers ship us their transmissions is damage to the three shifter cam and shafts. When the transmission is dropped or hit on the cam and shafts they do not bend they just break. To solve this problem when we ship transmissions back to the customer, we use a special wood insert that we make in our shop. So we never have this problem. There is a lot simpler solution to the problem and something that anyone can do at home. This would cost almost nothing to do and would fix a very expensive problem. Go to the hardware store and buy 3x 5/8 lock washers, 3x 3/8 flat washers and 3x 3/8x24 nuts. Then tighten everything up, this will stop the cam and shafts from being pushed in and destroyed. This idea is some really cheap insurance. Or, go to Plan B and just leave the 3 shifter tabs and nuts on the transmission. This would do the same thing as Plan A. I would prefer you to do Plan A. When you are finished, wrap the transmission in some big plastic leaf bags and tape up the bags with some duct tape. This is so you don’t cause a big mess with your transmission’s gear lube and ruin a lot of expensive freight. We receive transmissions in plastic boxes, cardboard boxes, suitcases, packing trunks, ammo boxes, foot lockers, wood boxes, garbage cans, oil drums, etc. Use whatever you think will do the job. Use plenty of packing material Styrofoam noodles, cardboard, carpet padding, burlap bags, bubble wrap, newspaper, shop rags, foam rubber, old clothes, tarps, sleeping bags, pillows, blankets or old towels etc., anything you can find to protect the transmission. Most important: Get lots and lots of insurance. This is the best lottery ticket you will ever buy. It will be extremely helpful if you put a note inside the transmission box with your name, address, all phone numbers, and all instructions for anything special you want DWT to do to your transmission. Also, the year and model of your car, what motor, rear end ratio, the tire size you have and any other information that would be helpful. Be sure to put this information in a ziplock bag and tape it to the transmission.

When we ship your remanufactured transmission back to you, we use our special packing crate for top loaders. We take all the necessary precautions to protect your transmission from any damage and all transmissions are always fully insured. Shipping is never a problem at DWT. We always strive for zero shipping problems. After 50 years of shipping transmissions around the world, we know what it takes to safely ship a transmission. DWT has an almost indestructible special crate and packing materials that we designed for shipping top loaders.

There is no extra charge for this. Also, there is no extra charge for carefully packing your transmission the correct way. This is all included in the basic rebuild price. We also have an indestructible PVC plastic transmission shipping container that is especially modified for the toploader transmission. If you would like one of these commercial transmission shipping and storage containers, we have plenty of these in stock. The price is $100 each. You can have your transmission shipped back in this special container and the container is yours to keep, you own it. This container can be used over and over again. NOTE: These containers are in very good used condition.

Attention Transmission Shops: We have an endless supply of our special transmission boxes for sale. These are made from double wall extra strength cardboard. They weigh ten pounds each and have full flaps, top and bottom. The dimensions are 12” x 12” x 36” and the boxes are rated at five hundred pounds of bursting strength per square inch and are staple stitched, not glued. You can’t buy a better transmission box. The price of this new first quality box is $10 each for any quantity you want. NOTE: We cannot ship these boxes. We are offering these for local pickup only. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact DWT. We will make shipping your transmission as easy and convenient as possible.

Thank you,
Dan Williams


We have unusual hours, please - please - please - don’t make us sign for shipments. UPS and FED EX come in the morning and we arrive around noon time. We have a very safe, dry location at our complex for deliveries. We will find all shipments when we arrive at noon time. This is never a problem for us. This is what works for us. We have nobody to sign for shipments before noon. If there is no way around this, please send the transmission to our back up address. They will sign for our shipments. SHIP TO: Franklin, NC UPS Store, 131 Franklin Plaza Drive, Franklin, NC 28734. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.


If you need help, advice or have any questions, please contact DWT, we are here to help you get your top loader back in new condition. We sincerely appreciate your patronage.