Installing a Toploader in a 1979 UP Mustang/Capri with 302 V-8

It is easy to install a Toploader 4-speed transmission in a 1979 up Mustang/Carpri. Use the Lakewood specially modified blowproof bellhousing #15201. We are distributors for the Lakewood and can supply these bellhousings. You can use your stock clutch cable, throw-out bearing, clutch fork, clutch & flywheel. Use Norman 690-033 bronze pilot bearing. This is available at most auto parts stores. We have new transmission mounts in stock.

Use a small block toploader transmission 24" long with a 28 spline output shaft, 8 hole case and wide ratio gears. First choice will be a transmission from a 1966 up Fairlane, Comet, or 66-67 Falcon. Second choice will be a 1965 to 1973 Mustang or 1967 to 1973 Cougar. Completely remanufactured toploader transmissions are available for immediate shipment.

For the shifter, we recommend and use the Hurst Competition Plus. We are distributors for Hurst, so we can supply the correct shifter and installation kit.

You need to make a small modification to the shifter handle. Follow the handle down until it starts to bend, draw a line, follow the handle up until it starts to bend draw a line. Cut at the lines, as you will be cutting out the curve. Weld the two straight pieces together. This will be the perfect fit in the stock floor board, boot, carpet and console. You will not see the weld.

This is an extremely easy job, that anyone can do. When you finish, you will have the best transmission money can buy and it will look like a perfect factory installation.

We have bellhousings, transmissions, mounts and shifters in stock at all times. If you have any questions, please call or write.

Thank you,
Dan Williams

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